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Solutions for Small Business

We have something for every budget! 

Small businesses with less than 5 locations are offered a free, basic site listing that includes:

  • 1 image 

  • A write up of what services you offer including contact details and primary link.

  • Inclusion of your social media links to connect app users to you.

  • 2 Complimentary Keywords; your community and primary service 

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Take Advantage of Search Functions!

App users create maps showing their location and the attractions, products, & services they are looking for.

Your free site listng includes 2 complimentary keywords; your community and your primary service. Additional keywords bring customers to you as they search for specific needs and wants.

Each keyword, or phrase, costs $25 annually, allowing your to plan your annual budget without concern about the costs of clicks, impressions and other factors.

Other Options to Enhance Your Listng Include:

Other options include additional images ($25 each per year) and addition of your logo to the site ($100 per year). We also offer a variety of other advertising which is available through Impact Tourism (Travel- and our marketing partners.

The same options are available for homebased or online businesses. While we can add your business, you will show up through keywords searches on the list, or a generic location on the map. 

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