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Be a Part of the Social Initiative

While the mobile app offers a varied, versatile and growing source of information to Alberta explorers the core concept is to do so as a social enterprise. By incorporating cost effective pricing, programs for shared input, we are able to collaboratively create a power pack of simplicity for exploring Alberta. That is good for everyone! Join us on this journey of creation, innovation and information!

Click the above link to see options for small businesses or register now using our Google Form.

Questions? Use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Larger Organizations

(Includes Municipalities, First Nations, Corporatins & Member Based Organizations)

If you are looking for a cost effective way to share your rural amenities, the Travel-ING On app is for you. 

The site listings and points of interest are wide and varied; from parks, boat launches and libriaries and other regionally operated sites to adding your members locations if you are a member based organization.


The first year cost for per site is $85 each with a minimum of 5. This includes:

  • The set up fee for the site listing on the app ($35 value)

  • 3 keywords ($75 retail value)

  • 3 images ($75 retail value)

  • Addition of the appropriate logo on the site ($100 retail value).


Additional keywords are available at $20 each. If you are a member based organization, collecting the informaition to be submitted, this allows you to either offer the discount to your members or utilize the funds for your own purposes. 


Each keyword is searchable on the app and will be preceded by the nearest community name.For example, keywords for a municipal run campground may include showers, playgrounds, full service camping, tent camping, flush toilets, group camping, potable water, firewood, etc. 

With a 3 year plan we will guarantee the next 2 years site fee at $50 to allow for budgeting. The reduction in cost is the set up fee. 

To get started sent a list of the sites you want included with any of the needed information you can provide (GPS coordinates, description of the site to be read by the app user, logo, etc.) These are often available using your current resources/marketing. We will also ask for links to local information such as a tourism website or community calendar so users can find information in each site they access.

Email or complete the form below for more information or to get started.

Heritage Societies

Share your local history at no cost. Each story or site can be added to the History Check map based app, similar to a free site listing to engage people in the story of your community.

You can choose to submit each site or story individually, or with an approved non-disclosure agreement we will give you training and access in the Admin Panel to allow you to upload the information yourself.


The Link & Logo space on the app will be divided - 1/2 will be used for your logo and link to recognize your submission, while some will the other half will be used for Link & Logo Advertising to help fund this social enterprise/initiative.


We also ask that you cross market by adding the download link of Travel-ING On / History Check mobile to your website. You can also utilize posters and other marketing materials as they become available.

Email or complete the form below for more information or to get started.

How Can We Help?

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