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History Handouts

Have you ever looked for reading material to pass the time while waiting for your meal in a restaurant; during a stay at a hotel or BnB, or in the waiting room of a service provider?

By telling short stories of Alberta's past, History Handouts provides that reading material. The backside of the takeaway stories give our distribution partners a cost effective means of advertising their events, offers and specials, or those of their region.

There will be a minimum of 12 History Handouts per year. The first six handouts are initiating the program. Distribution partners, and their estimated printing numbers, will be tracked in order to supply data on the distiribution numbers and range.

The first four stories are complete and ready for advertisers. They include:

  1. Hermann Nicklaus of Dog Island (See example)

  2. Starved on the Pembina

  3. The Murder of Edward Hayward by Charles King

  4. The JP That Got Away

Become a Distribution Partner

Grab the attention of your customers and community guests with the historical stories on History Handouts. The back side can be used to advertise your events, offers and specials, or those of your comunity.

How it Works:

  • We do not charge to use the handout. Your costs are incurred in printing the quantities you need.

  • You are encouraged to use the back side to advertise your events, offers or specials - or those of your community. A standard, updated template can be used on all History Handouts.

  • There will be a minimum of 12 legal size handouts per year. Each time a story is completed, and the ad spaces filled, a digital, PDF copy will be emailed to you.

  • Print in the quantities you need for your organization or for distribution throughout your community. Hotels, restaurants, professional services waiting rooms, and other public spaces, offer you the opportunity to advertise your services with the History Handout.

  • We will ask on a quarterly basis for your estimated printing and distribution numbers.

  • membership program will be introduced where one of the benefits will be personalizing the handouts as being 'presented by' or 'compliments of' your organization.

To get started email Sheila Willis at

Advertise on History Handouts

Your ad could be seen across the province when you take advantage of the introductory advertising rates on History Handouts.


How it Works:

  • The first 6 handouts will initiate the History Handouts program, allowing us to determine the initial range and estimated distribution numbers .

  • The introductory rate of $250 per ad is offered  on the first 6 handouts. Distribution data will determine futre ad costs.

  • There are 6 ad spaces per handout, for a total of 36 ads being offered at the introductory rate.

  • Each ad is on a 3:2 ratio. We ask that you send a 3" x 2" ad, the size of a standard business card.

  • Once the story for the History Handout is completed and the ad spaces filled, a copy is sent to all distribution partners.

  • They print the handouts and ditribute through their organization or community.

  • We will place the handouts on this website for online reading, and use in social midea posts for additional views.

To Purchase:

  • Email a 3" x 2" ad in JPG format to Sheila Willis. You will be invoiced for $250 per ad. Your payment options are:

  • Once your payment is received your ad will be placed on the next handout and you will be sent a copy for your approval.

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