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Fundraising Auction

Purpose: Sheila Willis is the creative mind behind far reaching social initiatives that tell the story of Alverta's past and promote the small communities in Alberta. This fundraising auction is to assist in the fees, associated with the History CHeck app, or to be applied to the next pressing need to grow the app to make the impact that it can for Alberta's history and promoting the communities it supports.

How the Auction Works

Each auction item will contain:

  • A minimum of one picture. Others are available by request. 

  • A description of the item, along with any information we can find online regarding its value.

  • The date the auction for that item opens, and the date and time the auction closes. 

  • A unique item number to be used in the bidding process.

  • A google form unique to that item to place your bid. 

  • Current reserved or updated highest bid.

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are the responsibility of the highest bidder. If you are the highest bidder, we will arrange the method of shipping you wish to use. 

Item: Puss N Boots Cooke Jar

Auction Start Date: April 1, 2024 

Auction End Date: April 15, 2024 - 6 pm MST

Current Bid: $75 (Reserve)

Item Description: In a online search on March 8, 2024 the prices asked for this collector cookie jar are around $125 to $175 US.

I found information that said the Shawnee Pottery Company (Zanesville, Ohio) actively produced pottery from 1937 to 1961. They were best known for producing Corn King and the Pennsylvania Dutch lines of potter. 

Additional images available upon request. Email

To bid on this item, please complete this form.

We will update the current bid on this item on a regular basis as the auction is in effect.

Intarsia Couple by Otto Neumann

Auction Start Date: April 1, 2024 

Auction End Date: April 15, 2024 - 6 pm MST

Current Bid: $75 (Reserve)

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