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Sheila's Shenanigans Magazine

Sheila's Shenangians Online Magazine is an ecclectic blend of historical, inspirational, humourous and thought provoking stories about Alberta history, rural living and Sheila's Shenanigans.

This online magazine arrives in subscibers mail boxes between the 1st and the 5th of each month and  includes a minimum of 30 pages includes 3 historical articles, along with other stories, recipes, and information. Click here for the August 2023 compimentary issue.

Annual subscriptions are $50 per year, or $5 per issue. To subscribe, there are 3 payment options:

1) Send an email money transfer to This direct deposits and eliminates any processing fees.

2) Mail a check to :

     Sheila Willis

     PO Box 218

     Smith, AB T0G 2B0

3) Pay through 


Please be sure to include the email you wish the magazine to be sent to!

For books & e-books on Alberta's & other history go to

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Upcoming Stories & Articles

I am collecting story ideas in the following Google spreadsheet. The status is also included.; in progress, expected publishing date or when it was published.


This is a fluid and organic list and will change as I record ideas for stories..

LINK to Article Ideas & Index

"Hey meant to congratulate you earlier on your magazine. It was amazing to read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thumbs up!"

D. Auch - Smith, Alberta


To entertain, educate, and inspire by telling the stories of place, both past and present. 


To map & share stories for people from around the world to explore Alberta and immerse themselves in it's rich and diverse history.  


To tell the 'Stories of Place' through the map based heritage & travel app, an online magazine and social media channels. 

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