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Introducing the Travel-ING ON Tourism Cooperative

In May 2024 the decision was made to move the History Check mobile app into a cooperative business structure. As the beneifts and profits go the business owners - and in a co-op its members are its owners! This aligns with original goals and intent of Sheila Willis, the designer of the History Check mobile app, 

As a member you will have a voice in future app development, other marketing tactics and financial decisions that affect not only the budgetary requirements but the distribution of annual dividends to members.

You may be familiar with retail cooperatives. UFA and Federated Co-op are two examples. In a retail co-op, members often purchase a lifetime membership and receive annual dividends based on the amount they purchase from the co-op.  

The Travel-ING ON Tourism Co-op is a bit different. It is a marketing co-op where the membership base shares a common target market; travellers and explorers, many who will be interested in local and regional history. By cooperatively markting, using the History Check app and other marketing tactics as they become available, the audience reach is amplified, which benefits all members. 

To start the cooperative the board decided on an annual membership fee for two primary reasons; the information supplied to app users (or travellers) is kept current and that annual dividends are distributed to active businesses and organizations.  

The annual membership fee can be changed in future years by member vote based on the financial data gathered in the first year. The board arrived at a first year membership fee based on the following considerations: 

  • $250 is affordable to the majority of the member base and when compared to other advertising options is very economical. This is an investment in the future, and, as the cooperative grows the ROI will increase for years to come. 

  • With a goal of 3,000 members in the first year, a membership fee of $250 each, satisfies the expenses of the first year preliminary budget without income from additional site listings and keywords. This income, once established, will reflected on future budgets and therefore decisions by members in determining membership fees and annual dividends.

We will continue to update this website as the cooperative develops and will be offering a newsletter as the board progresses throught ehe development stages.

If you would like to learn more about cooperatives both of the following organizations have been helpful!

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