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This mobile app can be described as the power pack of simplicity! It was designed to give you information about a community, its services and amenities and its history. It is sesarchable for 1000's of keywords. The following screenshots will help walk you through its functions. 

Near Me & Community Menus

Near Me.png

Image 1

Image 2

Community Menu Smith.png

Image 3

Near Me.png

Image 4

Step 1: Select the "Near Me" button on the bottom left. The map will show any site listings or points of interest in your immediate area. (See Image 1)

Step 2: Reduce the map size using your fingers to zoom. The icons for the site listings and points of interst will be replaced by"Community Icons." (See Image 2)

Step 3: Pick one. A "Community Menu" will open. You can select one category - or all. (See Image 3)

Step 4: A map with the results of your choice will open. From here you can choose an icon to open the site listing or point of interest. They are color coded, and give a graphic to show you what they site is. (See Image 1)

Inside a Site Listing or Point of Interest

Opening the Photo Gallery

Grand Rapids Images_edited.jpg
Grand Rapids Front Page.png

Finding Info & Contact Details

Grand Rapids Read More Select_edited.jpg
Grand Rapids Read More_edited.jpg

Regional & Reference Links

Grand Rapids Link Page Select_edited.jpg
Grand Rapids Links_edited.jpg

A powerpack of simplicity! Each site, no matter if it is a business, a roadside attraction or a historical site or story is set up the same. We call them both site listings (businesses) or points of interst (everything else).

To access any additional images that may be available, simply touch the main image on the screen. A gallery of 3, if available will be shown. Touching each image puts it in the main view.

To find more information and contact details, then touch the read more button. For business site listings it will give you more information about the business, their cphone numbers and primary webstie or social mmedia page.

For other points of interest (history & attractions) it will tell you the story of the place, or as many details as possible. If you have addiiotnal infomration you can always add it in the comments or send an email to

For additional links open the for more info page. You might find additional links to social media, regional or reference links. We want tyou to have the information to explore that area, and support that business at your fingertips.

You can also add selfies and comments by scrolling down on the main screen.

Your User Menu records the interactions.

Community Screen 2.png

How to Use the Mobile App

Using the Search Function

Community Screen (1)_edited.jpg
Search Museum Map_edited.jpg
Search Museum List_edited.jpg

Step 1: Click MENU then SEARCH to access the feature.

Step 2: Type in what you want to search as shown on the top of the SEARCH SCREEN. Use the search icon to enter. 

Step 3: Your results will show in a list. Click MAP to change your view.  You can zoom the map in or out to adjust your view.

Helpful HInts:

1) If you are looking for a place in a certain community, refine your search by typing in the community name before or after that service. In example, Athabasca Restaurants. 

2) By using a generic term, such as BIG ICONS or LEGIONS you can take a tour through Alberta looking for those specific places or things.

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