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Welcome! Explore the menus below to learn more about the development of the Travel-ING On Tourism Co-op & the historical projects Sheila Willis is working on. 

Sheila Willis is a POWER HOUSE! With a need to be creative, she has turned her interest in history and her love of small rural communities into a variety of projects - all aimed to help you get your ING ON through learning, listening, travelling, watching, experiencing, and hundreds of other ING Things. The lastest development is the transfer of the History Check app to the Travel-ING ON Tourism Co-op - placing it in the hands of those it was meant to serve.

Travel-ING ON Tourism Cooperative & Mobile App Menu

The searchable, map based mobile app is undergoing changes! A new cooperative is being established to operate the app. Once incorporation is complete, and the first members are in place, the app will be upgraded and reloaed to the App Store and Google Play under the cooperative's name. We appreciate your patience! 

The video below was designed to introduce the cooperative to potential members, and may be used as a presentation to your board, council or organizational management.

Sheila Willis's Projects

In addition to working on the History Check App and its transfer to the Travel-ING On Tourism Co-op, Sheila continues to research and write stories about Alberta's past. Click here to learn more about her projects. 

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