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Our Story

Travel-ING On is the re-brand of the History Check App

Travel-ING On; Alberta Edition started as the History Check App. Initially, History Check was to be a single platform where multiple organizations from northern Alberta could share information on their local history. This would eliminate geographical boundaries and the need for multiple apps.


As the concept developed, it became apparent that the travel services and other points of interest could easily be added, offering community guides across the north. 


Starting in 2015, a non-profit society was formed with the intention of being able to raise funds for the project. That did not work out as well as planned, with few grants available for such a project.


That didn’t stop Sheila Willis though and with minimal funding, long hours and a passion for the project, the northern Alberta app was launched in 2017. In 2019 the app moved from a non-profit to a business platform and was expanded to include all of Alberta in 2019.

Sheila describes herself as a housewife from the bush. She has goals of bringing History Check - (which is in the process of being rebranded to Travel-ING-On) - to other provinces across Canada, and then into a global market; knowing her determination, she will do it. 


The mobile app has received multiple awards and mentions including; Outstanding Achievement for Heritage Awareness, the Marketing Award at the last Growing Rural Tourism conference, and being short-listed for a Governor General's award in Community Programming. 


History Check © - soon to be known as Travel-ING-On © is a motivational, success story. Sheila has almost single-handedly created the concept, organized the programming and added most of the sites on the app.  That is not to say she has not had help - plenty of people and organizations have stepped up when asked to assist!


In 2022, she is still building, adding ING-Things, marketing and doing all the necessary things to make the mobile app go viral. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from app users, and those she gives demos is what keeps her going.


Her appreciation for the volunteers, partners and alliances that she has formed cannot be expressed in words. As in the beginning, the mobile app is a collaborative effort, and through this cooperation this Alberta made app will see the success it deserves. 

From Sheila Willis: I have had multiple requests from people who want to contribute to this mobile app project. As a result, we will now accept email money transfers at in any amount. Please use any question you wish, with the answer being Thanks.


From Concept Onward

2015 Highlights

  • The idea for the HIstory Check App is born.

  • The concept is initiated.

  • Friends of Historical Northern Alberta (FHNAS) is formed as a non-for-profit to lead the project.

2016 Highlights

  • Development continues, Alliances formed.

  • Tourism & related services added making History Check a heritage & tourism mobile app. 

2017 Highlights

  • Beta released for Northern Alberta App.

  • Soft launch at Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton

  • Launch at Provincial Archvies of Alberta

2018 Highlights

  • Receive Outstanding Achievement for Heritage Preservation Award from Alberta Historical Resources Foundation (Provincial Award) 

2019 Highlights

  • Alberta wide expansion of the History Check App

  • Receive Marketing Award at Growing Rural Tourism Conference (Provincial Award)

  • One of 25 finalists for Governor General's History Award  for Excellence in Community Programming

  • Ownership of History Check transferred to Impact Tourism (Sheila Willis & Scott Astle) for growth potential. 

2020 Highlights

  • Sheila Willis receipient of Alberta Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition Program for use of History Check to highlight open washrooms and other services for truckers during initial stages of pandemic.

2021 Highlights

  • Impact Tourism & Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association partner to initiate the Rumble Alberta Tourism Initiative.

2022 Highlights

  • & websites are catastrophically hacked. As a result...

  • Planned rebrand to Travel-ING On; Alberta begins with new website and marketing tactics.

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