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Link & Logo Advertising

Be visible to a wide range of audiences by adding your link and logo to trivia, roadside attractions and other qualifying site or points of interest. These sites are often parts of contests, scavenger hunts and other promotions that bring added attention to their location. As a general rule, they are unowned and unoperated sites. or not previously sponsored sites as shown in the examples below.

Community Screen (8)_edited.jpg
Community Screen (9)_edited.jpg
Community Screen (7)_edited.jpg

You can find available sites by watching for the icon example shown on the far left, or by searching LLOpen on the app. If you don't have a specific site in mind, we can assign one to you that is near your location, or one related to your business. 

Hint: If you want to sponsor in a certain area, search LLOpen followed by the community name you would like to sponsor in. You can select the list or map view for open sites. (Example LLOPEN Westlock)

In addtion to in-app-advertising on the Travel-ING On mobile app, we are also offer website banner ads, magazine features and ads, newspaper ads, billboard advertising and other marketing options at discounted rates through our marketing partners. 

To purchase please use our Google Form

If you have additional questions, email

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