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Learning New Things to Reconnect My Passion - Story Telling

I am a passionate story teller; anyone who knows me knows this. After a harder road than I expected with the History Check app, I decided, for my own personal satisfaction to get back to the basics of what drives me - history & story telling.

I would not say I am reinventing the wheel, just going back to its center. All of the work and projects I have been involved in started simply because I wanted to share rural Alberta and it's history with others. Focusing on that also means using the tools I have been using and adding others.

This blog is an add. I have to be honest and say I have no idea what I am doing - I am not even sure what a blog entails - but let hit it full speed ahead and learn as I go. Experience is often the best educator. I envision it, a least at the moment, of being a journal of sorts of the things that are happening around me and my impressions on what historical research I am doing at the time.

History Check App - map based short stories and higgen gems and services in rural Alberta. Find out more about the app here (The app as of September 2023 is only available on the App store, and after the necessary funds are raised I will reload it to Google Play)

Sheila's Shenanigan's Magazine will be primarily the stories of Alberta's history that are too big for the app and too small for a book. Add to this an eclectic blend of personal experiences, rural living, traveling and recipes for the complete magazine. Find more info about the magazine here

Sheila's Shenanigan's YouTube offers a variety of videos telling the stories of Alberta's past and Sheila's present. To subscribe go here

I am still working on Stories in Place Tours that will offer a map & story booklet to let you follow the footsteps of history.. . . and I have a few other projects up my sleeve.

If you would like to Buy Me A Coffee it is always appreciated. You can also purchase magazines and other items at this link.

Now to publish this and see how it works - Wish me Luck! ~ Sheila

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